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Y'all ready for round 2??  xD

- Post these rules. 
- Unveil 8 random facts about your character. 
- Tag 8 other Deviants and one of their characters.

I was tagged by :icon5-prime:, for Sariel! (yeaaaaa here we go, my terrible little killer-!)

Sariel by Laitma  Sketches03-28-2016b by Laitma 

Mature Content

Jean and Sariel reference/info by Laitma

1.  Has heterochromia but only because she actually had an eye ripped out and had a new one grow in as proof of her body integrating a demonic bloodline, as demons are capable of regeneration (see: Mother (24HCD2014)).  Her "normal" eye color was a vampire's pale yellow, but the one that grew back was a demon's red.  S-So, like... hah!  Take that, heterochromia-cliches!!huh?!?

2.  Is, like, barely if even 5 feet tall.  This is mostly a vampiric quirk, as most vampires tend to be malnourished from not ever getting, well, the "proper" nutrition that they need... (aka flesh instead of blood, lol).  (And yes, this means that Asher's pretty short, too xD)

3.  Is the type of vampire who feels that she has the right to live, even if it comes at the cost of another's well-being/life (as opposed to Asher, who's the type of vampire who feels constantly guilty about needing to take blood from another).  

4.  Given her past and her philosophy, she's pretty apathetic about taking another's life and can do it without hesitation--she pretty much needs to do so twice a month or so to survive, after she escapes the labs.  Since she displays the characteristics of being a demon (red eye, horns, etc.) and being found out as a demon would lead to her being hunted/killed/worse, she finds it safest to make sure that her target stays silent forever.  

5.  Preferred weapon of choice is small concealable daggers/blades.  She's much more powerful than her small stature would have you think given her vampire/demon bloodline, but she prefers to disable an opponent as quickly as possible and finds blades much preferable to sheer brute strength (which is what Corryn, for example, prefers).  

6.  Had pretty bad literacy up till she ended up at the labs, at which point she kind of taught herself a lot, since, well, she had a lot of time to kill...  

7.  Actually really enjoys reading books.  Nonfiction more than fiction, though--she finds some of those kind of ridiculous/outlandish, and mostly just likes learning about the world.

8.  Also actually really likes nature/plants, since she's seen so few of them growing up.  (So, yes, this means that she likes flowers, too.  Back when she was Jean she actually kept a pressed flower that Salim gave her for the longest time, hahaha--d'aaawwwwww, right?)  (I always wanted to do a little side-story where she meets Nova and they bond over plants/flowers in the greenhouse xD)

And I was tagged by :iconspacerocketbunny:, for XinMi!

Scan749 by Laitma Home Page 8 by Laitma XinMi - Spring by Laitma

1.  Is remarkably collected and analytical about everything, though she'll act emotional/whimsical for others.  Like, she was not one to sit around and mope or cry after she was disfigured, and was already figuring out what she was going to do next and acting on it within 24 hours of the event.  (She found the idea of trying to get revenge on the client who disfigured her to be tedious and a waste of time, really.)

2.  Comes across as compassionate and humorous but is actually pretty manipulative in getting others to do things for her, hence how she managed to surround herself with most of the city's street orphans/unwanted people and have them basically do her bidding.  

3.  Despite this, she has no loftier goals of a rebellion/uprising or more equality for the people who live on the street; she just wants to live a life of comfort and stability--the fact that her actions have helped many others also live a more secure and comfortable life is just a side-effect of her own personal goals.  However, she's never been cruel or negligent to anyone, as she finds breeding friendship much more valuable than making enemies.

4.  Has pretty much zero regard for traditions/cultural norms, if it wasn't already obvious.  Also gets pretty touchy-feely with people (see: manipulative), which makes poor LieLie really confused and flustered, hahaha.

5.  Found in LieLie the perfect companion to listen to her talk, as she likes to talk a lot; she loves gossip and has a bad habit of shit-talking people behind their backs, lmao--and LieLie can't spill, so-!  XD

6.  Really likes sweets, particularly sugar dates and spun sugar candies.

7.  Actually a very talented player of the GuQin (Chinese stringed piano), but prefers playing the Erhu (two-stringed fiddle), which she's also very good at; she's pretty musically-talented in general, actually.

8.  Really dislikes ShanShan (LieLie's water buffalo companion), lol.  (It's 'cuz they're fighting over LieLie... xD)

And, whoop whoop, I get to tag more people-!  XD  
:icon5-prime: with Teagan 
:icon47ness: with Sally
:iconfreemech: with Diana
:iconyutaki: with Lana
:iconnoir-x: with Rasui
:icondecode-meg: with Lauli
:iconreincarnatedparano: with Andy
:iconfloppsy1: with Princeling

Tag-backs, as always, would be more than appreciated~ ;D  

Previous character facts tag:  8 Character Facts Tag - AsherI was tagged by :iconuinn:, for Asher!
- Post these rules. 
- Unveil 8 random facts about your character. 
- Tag 8 other Deviants and one of their characters.
1. Was formerly in the underground vampire fight rings, and focuses a lot on footwork/kicking in his fighting style. Carries around a knife but more for intimidation/self-defense than actually using it. Perfectly capable of fighting/incapacitating someone, but has never killed.
2. Is actually the one who brought Phelan home, a fact that Ayra will never stop teasing him about, much to his chagrin. 
3. Comes across as kind of aloof/too serious, but really it's just because he doesn't know how to talk to people very well and feels nervous trying to interact with others. The easiest thing for him to do is fight, which is somethi
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