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[EDIT:]  AAAAAND DONE!  I managed to finish all 31 days despite juggling FFM, Artslam, 2 internships, and a heckuva lotta running around and traveling, whoop!  It was worth it though; lotta characters got developed and I got some pretty good character pieces outta this so I'm glad!  There are intro stories here for a bunch of the Iris crew (Asher, Phelan, Ayra, Sariel, etc. so check 'em out if you're interested!)

...I also have a new cute cannibal couple and it makes me very very upset oh dear lord I am so upset

(You can see where that started around day 25 lol; it's younger!Sariel and Salim!)  Expect to see more of them for sure in upcoming sketchdumps...

Anyway, thanks guys so much for the continual support!  And as always, to anyone who reads my writing, you guys are the absolute best.  :heart::heart::heart:


So I've been doing :iconflash-fic-month: Flash-Fic-Month here on deviantART, it's been challenging to find the time (and concentration) to write, but it's also been a lot of fun!  

I didn't want to spam you guys so I've been posting most of the pieces to, though I'll probably submit a few more of my favorite pieces by the end of the month.

But for anyone who's interested, I'll be keeping a list here of where to find all the pieces, and updating it as I go!  I've been writing a lot of character/story-centric pieces, so hopefully it'll be interesting to you guys.  :)

Day 1: Seth and Samuel

Day 2:  Seth 2nd person snippet

Day 3:  bleh

Day 4:  Asher snippet

Day 5: AD - Wounded

Days 6 & 7:  AD - Impact

Day 8:  Cras snippet

Day 9:  Corryn & Seth snippet

Day 10:  Iris - the Flood

Day 11:  meh

Day 12:  Corryn snippet

Day 13:  shrug

Day 14:  Sariel piece (sealmaker)

Day 15:  bleh, FFM Challenge 

Day 16:  Asher's first encounter with Phelan

Day 17:  Corryn-ish snippet

Day 18:  meh

Day 19:  Whales

Day 20:  Asher & Ayra intro

Day 21:  Corryn & Seth snippet, meh

Day 22:  Bleh

Day 23:  Corryn snippet

Day 24:  Meh

Day 25:  Sariel piece (rings)

Day 26:  Sariel & Salim (blood & milk)

Day 27:  Meh (Asher & Phelan)

Day 28:  Asher & Ayra (first blood)

Day 29:  Sariel & Salim snippet

Day 30:  Sariel & Salim (2nd person)

Day 31:  Seth & Sariel (meh)

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